Our spectacular merle Tri will be available for stud!!!

 He is now 20 months old, Roman is very athletic and active and playful with a loving balanced bulldog temperament to match. He is solid and chunky with the perfect stance, angulation and a broad chest. Judging by his paw size he is going to be a big boy when fully grown.

A few dogs from his bloodline

  • NBBZ Bull Jack

  • Bullforce Inga

  • Bull force Capone the godfather

He is NEBBR registered more details of his pedigree will uploaded soon....  Konan was very responsive to his training and has  the good temperament and sociability all of our dogs have.

He will be available for natural and   Artificial insemination matings depending on the temperment of your bitch. 


He's health tested and taken for regular checks to keep up to date!

Roman the stud dog

We offer 2 matings 48 hours apart, if your bitch doesn't catch, we will provide you with 1 free mating on her next season.

We will also give you advice on how to handle a pregnant bitch and on the giving birth process.
As we know for first timers there's always loads you want to know, so we are always here to help with advice.

We also offer boarding for your bitch if needed..
For bookings or any more information feel free to contact us.

Price £750 to standard colours £1000 to triple carriers


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Roman is very obedient, very soft and gentle and loves to play with children and other dogs.  

If you have any questions or queries please don't hesitate to contact us